Here is a gallery of pictures we have taken of trips to the dunes over the last few years. Some of the names for specific features in the dunes may not match with the names other people have used but they are the names TOLD to us at the timeÖ I hope you enjoy the scenes depicted and get the opportunity to go to these places.

Since I am located in Oregon I usually go buggying  on the Oregon coast. Since my buggy is NOT a wheelie machine I prefer the larger/taller dunes at Winchester Bay or the dunes just north of North Bend/Coos Bay. I have also been to the dunes in St Anthony/Rexburg Idaho. I LOVE those dunes and if I could afford it I would go there exclusively but Iím afraid that from home it is a 20 hour drive and Iím a bit of a WUSS. Not only that but when I go to play I like to spend a few days on the sand so we make the pilgrimage only once a year but we hope that will change soon so we can go a couple of times a year.

            With that said I hope you can get a feel for what the dunes are like from the slide shows. Click on the links below to see the show you would like to seeÖ ENJOY!!!

St. Anthony Dunes

Oregon Dunes Recreational Area  

Winchester Bay

Coos Bay Horsefall to Spinreel