This is an example of our vw bus transaxle adapter and flywheel for putting a watercooled VW motor on an aircooled VW bug or bus transaxle. This is actually becoming a more common configuration for dunebuggys/sandrails since most dunebuggies/sandrails run bus transaxles with adapter plates and considering the boys at VW finally decided to build a 2 liter motor for the newer vehicles.  The flywheel uses a bug/bus clutch and pressure plate. I personally use a stock pressure plate with a feramic 4 puck sprung clutch disk. My flywheel/pressureplate/clutch disk is lightened to 1 pound less than stock and works perfectly with my 1.8l. I've been running it in my buggy for the last 8 years and have had ZERO problems!        


These can be purchased as a kit which includes vw transaxle adapter, flywheel and the bolts needed to install the parts

OR you can buy the vw transaxle adapter and flywheel separately

Adapter Price $249.00 + S&H

Flywheel $149.00  +  75.00 core charge + S&H. (Core charge will be refunded upon receipt of your core bug flywheel.)   ***NOTE*** Flywheels are NOT balanced or lightened. If you want us to balance it there will be an additional $130.00 charge. Lightening is an additional $100.00.